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Ceremony is the New Punk

Self-sovereignty is the new counterculture.
Ceremony is the New Punk

Ceremony is the new punk.

Self-sovereignty is the new counterculture.

Personal responsibility is the new alternative.

In a system predicated on total control, attempting to automate and regulate every aspect of your existence — cultivating self-sovereignty and personal autonomy becomes the most rebellious act.

In a culture normalizing nanny-states, fostering masses of individuals completely incapable and unwilling to do anything themselves and accept no responsibility – cultivating your own strength goes against the grain.

When all of society is checking out, only the misfit checks back in.

When everyone has sacrificed their dreams at the altar of conformity, the dreamers and believers become the non-conformists. They recognize that the obstacle is the way, and these revolutionaries of the future are going to do something about it.

“It’s no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

When society is sick, the healed and whole become the outcasts.

They exude an energetic field so strong it burns away the collective shadow. Most are unwilling to walk through the fires of purification. Instead, they ostracize those who are lit up.

They try to cancel the truly activated.

Unwilling to look at how small their own cage has become, they cast off the beacons of light as outcasts, misfits, and domestic terrorists.

The punk countercultural movement was the visible face of alternative social commentary. A brash mirror held up against society to have a hard look at, and demonstrate a different way of being.

The angry activist archetype is flawed in many ways — leaving a void between what they don’t want and the world they want to live in. It never provides a solution to the problem, it only points out other wrong answers to the question.

Ceremony and self-sovereignty are different.

Warriors of the heart take a different approach — they show up and create the solution.

They live the solution. Their lives are their answer.

They deeply embody the reality and the energetic frequency of the future-present they know is possible. They live the world and reality they want to be in right now. They’re not waiting.

They make it happen. This is magic at work.

The drum is beating. The death spiral of society is well underway. A mass psychosis, sleepwalking towards Armageddon.

Ceremony is one of the purest embodiments of this alternative way of being. Revitalizing the sacred in a world of the mundane. Bringing intention back to action. Mindfulness over mindlessness. Symbiosis with the natural world instead of domination. Taking personal responsibility, instead of deflecting blame onto others.

You can hear the call, can’t you?

The slow and steady call to arms. The Warriors of the Heart are gathering. To demonstrate a new collective way of being so bright, bold, and beautiful it shakes society out of its drunken, medicated stupor.

But the process of self-realization is not easy. The fires of purification burn hot. The lessons in the School of Life required to unlearn decades of programming are daunting. The path is not easy, but nothing easy is ever worthwhile.

This is a path only fit for the punks. The rebels. The revolutionaries. The warriors.

Live, embody, and integrate the wisdom that ceremony provides. Re-enchant existence with your very Way of Being. Live in alignment with the generative potential that animates all of existence. This is your sacred duty. This is the calling nested in the drum beat, the great unifying heartbeat.

"The Warrior's heart beats as one heart." — Don Howard

When the masses and the antagonists are all still playing different versions of the same game – the real revolutionaries transcend the existing system — they are neither for nor against it — they simply move beyond, without an acknowledgement or concern. They are living the world that their hearts know is possible.

The new punks are the ones who affirm life. Who choose every moment. Who lean into the challenge. Who see the sacred in all things. Who decides to be the change. Who surrender to the process. Those who allow Life to animate and activate them.

In a society that profits from your pain — self-love and self-responsibility are truly revolutionary acts.

To take responsibility for your life and your actions — this is how true Progress is made.

Treating life, humanity, and nature as sacred in a world of the profane and the mundane — these are the moves that make a difference.

This is how new worlds are born.

This game is the opportunity of a lifetime — act accordingly.

The sovereign become the rebels.

The pirates of society will be the ones to save it.

And in a society that has lost its mind, its heart, its soul, and its way, I'm happy to be an outcast. A rebel. A revolutionary. A warrior.

Ceremony is the new punk.

Welcome to the party, brother.

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