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A Journey to the Edge...

An introduction and synopsis of the Edge of Being.
A Journey to the Edge...

What exactly is the 'Edge of Being'?

This is largely facetious. Playful jest. There's no hard edge, no end of existence to walk off of. But the idea is captivating. What better or more challenging game is there to play than to search for the edge of being? To find the outer limits of inner space. To see just how far out you can get.

What's become increasingly clear to me is that the horizon of what is possible is at the centre of what is happening. To venture deep into the far caverns of consciousness, you have to start immediately in your present experience.

You have to take the first steps. This is what we mean when we say everyone dies but not everyone truly lives. We spend so much time running away from life, trying to escape our immediate experience, but the true adventure is to 180 and run towards life, rooted deeply in the present moment, embracing raw reality exactly as it is.

Reality is a strange loop. It's more like a Torus than anything else.

An energy vortex — with energy moving through the middle, spilling over the top, down outer edges, and looping back into the middle.

Cyclically, the edge becomes the centre, looping back in on itself. It's a self-recursive pattern. An ouroboros. An autopoetic system.

“In the end, we self-perceiving, self-inventing, locked-in mirages are little miracles of self-reference.” ― Douglas Hofstadter, I Am a Strange Loop

This is mirrored in personal and collective evolution. You explore, expand, learn, grow — and return, contract, synthesize, and integrate, endlessly. It's as easy, as complex, and as ancient as breathing.

But this implies one extremely important point: your output becomes your input. Your input becomes your output. What you put out into the world comes back to you. What you invite into yourself influences what can you put out into the world. Any organism at war with itself is doomed. This is how downward spirals form. It's also how upward spirals are created.

It's the blueprint for the individual and collective evolution of humanity.

That's what we're exploring together here. The conceptual framings, the embodied activities, and the pedagogical progressions to see how fully we can expand, how far out we can go, how centred we can stay, and how quickly we can cycle the feedback loop of intentional evolution.

This is not beginner material. This is not for the comfortable. This is the adventure of a lifetime. A lot will be asked of you, and a lot will be given in return. I will honour your skill, your capacity, your power, and your true nature.

That's not the only domain of this publication. I'll also be sharing as fully as I can my own failures, fuckups, wins, ideas, and opinions. Life has been calling me to share more, to open myself, and I want to honour that.

"What's the most truthful thing I can write right now?" is the guiding question here.

Nothing is off the table. We'll cover everything from cultural architecture to sacred sexuality. Original Zen and the shadow side of spirituality. Framings of reality and how to cultivate a meditative tea practice.

It's all fair game here. See you soon for our first adventure together. 🚀

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