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How to Cultivate True Genius

The Mountaintop, the Monastery, & the Marketplace.
How to Cultivate True Genius

Genius is your true nature.

Life is the archetypal genius. That which does all things, without effort, on time, without fail. You are a part of Nature. Indeed you are Nature.

You are the archetypal genius.

It is sewn into your bones.

Maturity is the process of bringing your unconscious essence, your innate genius, into conscious awareness and giving that to the world.

It is not losing the creative brilliance of childhood, it is learning to wield it effectively. To master genius itself. This is true Self-Realization. Recognizing the innate genius in all things, including yourself.

One of the ways genius is expressed is through ideas. Many want to steward our brilliance through gifts we create in the world. But there’s a catch. A hidden secret that has been blocking your brilliance.

The secret is: only that which arises naturally and spontaneously through your Being is your true Genius.

Your genius is not the actions you take as response to conditioning, not the ‘socially acceptable’ way of acting, not the norms and standards of your culture and society.

There is a 3 step process to birthing true Genius.

It begins on the Mountaintop, moves into the Monastery, and ends in the Marketplace. Most skip the first two steps, or don’t even know that they exist.

This is why we lose Genius. True Genius must arise and emerge from you like a seed grows out of the ground.

🏔 The Mountaintop

You begin on the mountaintop.

You must remove yourself from external influence.

Find seclusion on the mountaintop, invite deep silence and stillness, and seek that which arises naturally. This is your Genius speaking. Genius arises from the core of Being. It calls to you.

To find your Genius, you must remove the chains of identity that restrict your natural essence. You must leave society. Drop your labels and identities of Son, Husband, Father, Citizen, Colleague, Person, Human.

You must drop your Person-ality.

This process is only done in isolation. This is why all true Genius begins on the mountaintop, deep in the jungle, the cabin in the woods, or similar circumstances.

Remove external stimuli and influence from your life as thoroughly as possible.

You must be in a receptive state. You cannot receive when you are busy acting, busy “making something of yourself”, busy “becoming somebody”.

You must become nobody. Rest as the silent witness of the emergent Genius.

From this still silence, from the depths of your Being, from the natural evolution of emergence — Genius is born. It comes without fail, just as the sun rises each day anew. Genius surfaces within you, waiting for you to notice it.

Once the Spark of Genius is born, the Sage descends from the Mountaintop and enters the Monastery.

⛩ The Monastery

It is only through sacred stewardship that this Spark becomes a brilliant inferno. The Monastery is the space for this.

Our Sage, having experienced the Spark of Genius, filled with the vital life force that animates all Life, enters the Monastery to cultivate this spark.

The individual nurtures this idea. Refining it over and over again, cultivating the most pure, authentic expression of the idea. Absorbing it fully into their Being, understanding its Essence, and Mastering the very idea itself.

The structured pursuit of a Way of Being, the disciplined cultivation of this School of Thought, is how true genius matures. It is a Dojo of Development.

Together with a small community of practitioners, all the imperfections, all of the impurities in the Genius idea are hammered out. It is sharpened like a katana. It is refined over months and years to become the true Force of Nature that it is. It is examined from every perspective, every aspect of it trialled and tested.

Moving through stages of Mastery, the idea is refined through the trials of Life and moves up the ranks. The idea matures from the spark of potential into an entire School of Thought, a complete Way of Being.

At this time, the Genius is ready for introduction to the world, it is prepared to enter the Marketplace.

🏺 The Marketplace

The Genius then enters the Marketplace, introducing this idea to the public, to the masses.

Having withstood the true Test of Time, having passed through the Dojo of Development, the spark of Genius has been cultivated into the Brilliant Diamond of a Gift.

Refined by time, given value through exceptional Effort, the Marketplace is where the idea is released back into the world. Given as a gift from life to Life. At this point the Steward has completed their duty. They have cultivated the Spark of Genius into a Gift for Humanity.

The Marketplace is the final step for true Genius. Never the starting point. Any idea that begins in the marketplace is already outdated. It is weak and incomplete, for it did not emerge naturally from Genius. It was not tested and refined through the Monastery – it is outdated the moment it is born.

Any community that depends on Ideas of the Marketplace is destined to decay. For they are endless copies of outdated genius.

True potential is when the Genius activates something new in an individual. A flash of Insight, an Inner Vision, a Deep Knowing awakens in an individual, and something new is sensed.

It’s not clear what that vision is yet. But something has come to Life.

Upon this experience, the individual embarks on a journey.

Leaving the marketplace, leaving society, the Inspired Individual climbs to the Mountain top. They begin cultivating their own Genius.

This is the emergence of Genius over generations.

This is Life.

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