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Death Practices: A Pedagogical Progression

A step-by-step guide to ego death experiences.
Death Practices: A Pedagogical Progression

"Waking up is an endless losing what you think you know, like a wave of destruction that leaves nothing but what is true." – Unmani

"If you die before you die, you won't die when you die."

This is one of the most powerful sentences you will ever come across. It was the tagline of the Eleusinian mysteries, engraved onto sacred proto-Christian worship halls, and formed the bedrock of both Greek and Christian culture for centuries.

This is the key to immortality. The fundamental recognition of your True Nature.

It's not something that can be understood conceptually. It must be experienced directly. It is a lived reality — a deep Gnosis.

Given the centrality of this experience in the entirety of your life, it's not wise to leave this up to chance. Maybe you'll have a near-death experience, or a sudden and complete awakening. But it's unlikely.

Fortunately, many wisdom traditions and mystery schools have cultivated and refined various death practices — deliberate experiences that invoke this death/rebirth experience.

This essay is an exploration of a pedagogical progression (difficulty increases as your strength does) of death practices. It is the technical how-to complement to the Ritualized Rebirth article. I hope this will meet you where you are, realize your True Nature, and to die before you die. 💀

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