Hi! I'm Eric, I generally go by EB.

I seem to be a verb. A process in motion. An evolving system. A strange loop.

Currently, I live, write, and build at the intersection of culture, community, consciousness, & crypto. My focus is around individual awakening, collective evolution, and helping individuals arrive more deeply in their human experience.

I grew up in the tech startup world, matured through the personal development space, and have found a home stewarding the next evolution of humanity.

The Edge of Being is a series of love letters to the world. In it, we cover my own personal process, novel ideas and theories, and have a good laugh of it all the way through.

It's an honour to have you here. Let's get going. ⚡️

– EB

Things I've Done //

  • Run a $4 million campaign with an IoT tech startup based out of SF.
  • Pivoted a sharing economy startup, later acquired by LiveNation.
  • Building organizations early in: sharing economy, eCommerce, crypto, psychedelic medicine spaces.
  • Published press and articles that landed media across Tier 1/2 publications like Forbes, CNN, Vox, Verge, HighExistence, Huffington Post, + more.
  • Reinvented my identity several times, overcame depression/anxiety/OCD.
  • Facilitated several transformational plant medicine retreats around the world.
  • Gotten rid of 90%+ of my possessions and adopted minimalism.
  • Put on 20lbs in a month on a strength training program.
  • Failed and made mistakes that greatly outnumber everything listed above.

Things I Like //

  • Regenerative culture and the evolution of humanity
  • Psychedelics, plant medicine, & transformational experiences
  • DAO's, decentralized governance, & virtual nations
  • Cha Dao (tea practice), self mastery, emotional alchemy
  • Writing, creating, conversing
  • Board sports (skate, surf, snow) + organized sports
  • Rethinking education, civilization, culture & society
  • Awakening, enlightenment, & psychonautics
  • Ancient philosophy, depth psychology, mystical traditions
  • Metal, world bass, lo-fi, & dubstep

Things I'm Working On //