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17 Honest Thoughts, Ideas, & Current Beliefs

17 Honest Thoughts, Ideas, & Current Beliefs

I haven't written in a long time. I am back in beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina after 2 months visiting friends and family in Canada/USA. The weather is clear and crisp. The people warm and inviting.

A lot has happened this year. Good and bad. The world and my world have been going through massive undulations. It's been challenging to stay positive, strong, and composed. I've made some mistakes, had a few failed initiatives, and been in an emotional funk at times. I've also made some incredible life changes, done work I'm proud of, and made real progress. Yin and yang, over and over and over.

Even the contemplations of what to write here first to return to this forum have been challenging. To overcome that, I'm sharing 17 observations, thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that are present with me now, and releasing this immediately.

Many will become future posts. Comments are enabled for members, I would love to hear your thoughts on my thoughts.

Let us begin. ⛩

  1. Everyone is struggling. The majority of people I know are facing financial, emotional, traumatic, or existential concerns in a major way. Those who aren't seem largely in denial, or distracting themselves with trivial nonsense.  If you are struggling, you are not alone. I am as well. We all are. I see you and I love you.
  2. Social media is unbelievably overpowering. I've been off of social media this entire year. Every social feed is blocked on my computer. When I put it on my phone, it's sickening how immediately I am hooked. Everyone I know is addicted. It's extremely dangerous, and yet I yearn for a lifeline to my friends and family. It's hard to balance this. For now, it is too powerful, while simultaneously being filled with trash. Empty posts, audience capture, self-prostitution for the eyeballs of the masses. I will keep my social media fast going.
  3. It's time to be bolder. I feel a deep calling to become bolder. To root down and plant my flag. To be a leader for a new world, a new culture. My language must become more decisive. My actions sharp and sure. My attention focused. My heart open. There are fundamental societal and cultural changes that need to happen. We are sleepwalking towards armageddon. This is a commitment to myself, my family, and our future.
  4. Animal-based diets are remarkable. My partner and I have been eating a strict animal-based diet for a month now, and it is better than imagined. We eat organs, meat (95% beef), fruit, honey, & dairy, with dark chocolate. I feel satiated but never bloated, have clean energy levels, smooth digestion, and soft skin. I never have to think about what to eat or prepare. We attended a party last weekend with cakes, bread, and alcohol and the difference was noticeable, immediate, and negative. Bloatedness, lethargy, discomfort, & indigestion.
  5. The format of this blog is limiting me. I started this publication to express myself, my process, and share information. But now it feels like I have to put out impersonal, highly polished pieces. I recognize this is just a story I have, but it affects my willingness to publish. I may move this publication elsewhere, or change something fundamental. My soul years to write, and I need to enable that above all else.
  6. The Left is going insane. "Be careful those who fight monsters, lest ye become a monster in the process." This paraphrasing of Nietzsche rings more true than ever. The Left, imbued with holier-than-thou righteousness are becoming monstrous. They are becoming the exact intolerant, bigoted, authoritarian mob they supposedly resist so much. Insanely hostile to disagreements, cancelling anyone and everyone while advocating for free speech, enabling the mutilation and sexual perversion of children under the guise of self-expression, committing acts of violence, and complicity supporting perhaps the greatest authoritarian atrocity of our age (forced vaccinations & lockdowns). This leads to...
  7. We cannot let them sweep Covid under the rug. The handling of Covid was an abomination, executed almost entirely out of fear. Nearly every policy has been walked back because they didn't work. More people than ever are dropping dead from heart complications. There are myocarditis ads for children now. Youth are developing speech pathologies and emotional retardation from mask mandates. Children are further behind in school than ever. Untold poverty, psychosis, and drug problems run rampant. Under the guise of saving potential deaths and managing hospital load, real death and damage was forcibly inflicted. If you said any of this during lockdowns, you were called a heretic and conspiracy theorist. Families were broken, relationships ruined. And yet, week after week these points are being proven correct. We cannot let them sweep these gross failures of misconduct under the rug. The media narrative is already back to inane bullshit like the Queen or the latest celebrity scandal. The hypothetical benefit has not been worth the real cost. I will write a complete piece about this.
  8. Beef, Bufo, Bitcoin, Ch'an. The majority of my energy will go here. They pack the greatest punch, bar none; they are far and away the heaviest hitters, packing the greatest energetic densities in their domains. You'll know that psychedelics, tech, health, and awakening – the 'individual sovereignty starter pack' – are my areas of focus. These 4 are a strong combination of highly effective, extremely simple, and unbelievably powerful. Animal-based diets are adaptive, healing, and the most nutrient dense. Bufo (5-MeO-DMT) is the strongest psychedelic known to man, about a 15 minute experience, and provides the most direct experience of God/the Ground of Being possible. Bitcoin is literally the hardest, soundest money ever created by humanity so far. And Ch'an (proto-Zen Buddhism) is the most secular, sharp, and direct path to rock-solid enduring awakening.
  9. Serious Play. No problem of anger and fear is solved with more anger and fear. If I want a playful, beautiful future – I must live that play and beauty here, now. But the stakes are high, the joy of existence and the future of humanity are at stake. It's like the final period of Game 7 of the Game of Life – get serious, play hard. I may even rename this publication to this. Or Awakened Cosmos. We'll see.
  10. I'm not thinking long-term enough. I find myself distracted by what I want to build and release in two months, instead of what crafts I want to master in the next 2 decades. What I want the world to look like in 2 centuries. Think long term, act immediately.
  11. A technological revolution will not save us. We need psycho-spiritual evolution, not technological revolution. If greed, self-centeredness, nihilism, and childish populations continue to make decisions, we are doomed. Deep emotional and psycho-spiritual work is more needed than ever, and it begins with actually convincing people that the problem is not out there, it is in here, it is in you.
  12. I need help. I'm calling it in. I have big plans. Serious dreams. I can't do it myself. I need help. I need to be called out. I need boots on the ground with me. If you're ready to seriously play the game of comprehensive cultural architecture – message me, let's reconnect.
  13. IFS is a monumental breakthrough. Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) created by family therapist Richard Schwartz is insanely good. My partner and I have been exploring this more deeply and the depth and pace of progress you can make with fundamental emotional challenges is incredible. It is a monumental breakthrough, and I expect it to become standardized shortly. It was already used in MAPS MDMA-Assisted Therapy clinical trials, and part of me now wonders whether it was the MDMA or the IFS that really catalyzed change.
  14. Bitcoin is in a league of its own. After hundreds of hours of further research, Bitcoin is in a league of its own. I still appreciate other crypto, but if we return to the original goal of a global sound money monetary system, it's all Bitcoin all the way. More to come on this.
  15. It is not going to get easier. You know this, right? You can tell. You are living through the slow-motion (but accelerating) collapse of a complex global society. It will not go quietly, nor will this be easy. Rampant inflation. Major catastrophes. Energy crises. Increasing government totalitarianism. Destruction of freedom and resources. Increased isolation and suicide. Buckle the fuck up. Build your resiliency. Cultivate community and culture. Train hard – the call to act is coming. Be ready.
  16. Art is increasingly empty. Art is meant to move you. To strike you like an emotional lightning bolt. To facilitate communion with the transcendent and the glorious. Who is making the truly miraculous art? Where are the heartists?
  17. I love you. Above all else, I love you. Even if we don't know each other well. I love you. You are doing a great job, and you could be doing better. I see your beauty and your power. Your grace and your wisdom. I see your darkness, your fear, your confusion, your hurt – and I love that too. I love all of you, and all of you is welcome here.

Until next time,

EB. 💛